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WebApp Release Notes from October 6, 2022

New and Enhanced Features

Organization Manager Features

  • Team Lines

    • We have added a new category of e-lines; Team Lines. Team Lines are designed to replace departments as an easy to use alternative.

    • In order to create departments that are forwarded to multiple users, you no longer need to create a user with an email address. You can now create a Team Line, and forward and escalate that line to your users. Keeping your users and your teams separate will make managing them much easier.

    • For more about how to set up Team Lines see here.

User Features

  • Calendaring Modal

    • We have added a Calendaring Modal to the Greetings. Now you can display your Calendar in a popup for your callers to choose a time from.

    • The Calendaring Modal is designed to provide your callers with a clear Call To Action while keeping them on your call page. Make sure to customize the color of your button to best fit your branding!

    • To learn how to set up a Calendaring Modal of your own, see here.

  • HubSpot Integration

    • We have made improvements to the HubSpot integration. Users will now see an error message if the HubSpot form was not enabled or if the caller entered invalid information on the form.

    • This is an improvement that is designed to communicate any errors to the user so they can fix them while they are still in the call by entering information on the HubSpot tab.

    • For how to use the HubSpot integration, see here.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue where the message shown to callers wasn’t updating for calls that were being escalated. Callers will now see the message “We are escalating your call”.

  • Resolved an issue for Organization Managers where they weren’t able to save an Automatic Call Recording option for their organization’s E-Line Settings.

  • Removed “Select Organization” dropdown from user view. Users will no longer see the “Select Organization” dropdown in their settings and campaign management.

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