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How to Set Up Team Lines

Team Lines:

  • Calls multiple users at the same time

  • Looks like a user button to the end user.

  • Can expand to allow a caller to choose video, audio, or chat.

  • A team line can be forwarded to multiple users.

  • A team line can be escalated to multiple users.

Creating a Team Line

  • To create a new team in your organization, navigate to Organization Management > Set Up > Teams.

  • Click “+Add Team Line” to create a team line.

  • All of the recipients will get the calls at the same time.

  • Make sure to click “Save” button.

Call Forwarding and Escalation

  • To set up call forwarding and escalation for a team line click on the escalation icon (1st icon from the left).

  • Select the users you would like to forward and escalate calls to using their emails.

  • All forwarded users will receive the incoming call at the same time.

  • All escalated users will receive the call if it hasn’t been answered within 15 seconds of starting.

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