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How to Set a Greeting Message

Step 1

  • On the side menu, navigate to Greetings.

  • You will see 2 different Greetings; “Available Hours” and “Unavailable Hours”.

    • Available Hours greeting will be shown to the caller when you miss or reject a call.

    • Unavailable Hours greeting will be shown to the caller when they call you during your unavailable hours.

Step 2

  • Click Edit to enabling editing mode.

  • You will see 4 different options:

    • Add Scheduling Button: Allows you to add a button with your scheduling link. When clicked on callers will see your scheduling page pop up.

    • Text message: Callers will see a rich text message. In the example above this section is the light green bubble.

    • Custom Video: You will have the options to Upload a video from your device or Record a new video.

    • Youtube Video: Callers will see a YouTube video with the ID you define. Copy and paste only the video ID part of the link. For example:

Step 3

  • After making the desired changes check the boxes for the options you would like to display in the greeting message and click Save Changes.

Step 4

  • Your callers will see a screen like this.

  • Test it here!

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