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How to Use the HubSpot Integration

Enable HubSpot

  • On the side menu, navigate to Settings > e-Line Configuration.

  • Here check Enable HubSpot Integration and save.


Enable HubSpot Pre-Call Form

  • If you would like to collect information prior to the call, enable HubSpot default form from the Pre-call Caller Information Form section.

  • When enabled it will automatically match the caller to a HubSpot contact or create a new one if their email is not registered.

You can still create contacts within the call if you don’t want callers to fill out a form. You will need to make sure to fill out the contact information and save it.

View and Change Contact Details

  • When you receive a call you can switch to the HubSpot Tab in the chat to view and change the contact information of the caller.

  • You can also add notes for this contact.

  • After you save your changes, they will be automatically applied to your HubSpot.


Go to HubSpot

  • You can Create a Task, Create a Deal and Go to HubSpot.

  • In HubSpot you will see that the contact has been created and the details have been updated.

  • You will also be able to see that the call has been logged on to HubSpot with the relevant details.

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