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Release Notes from December 2, 2022

New and Enhanced Features

Organization Manager Features

  • Zapier Integration (Beta)

    • We have added an integration with Zapier for 11Sight calls and meetings.

    • Managers can now send 11Sight call and meeting data to their CRM of choice using Zapier.

    • To learn how to set up the integration see here.

  • User and Teams Page UI Improvements

    • We have made the icons under Actions more accessible.

    • Icons will now display names of the actions when hovering over them.

  • Multi-Line Button

    • We have added Multi-Line Buttons to the side menu under Organization Settings > Set Up.

    • Multi-Line Buttons (formerly Multi User Buttons) display multiple lines in one button.

    • To learn how to set them up, please see here.

User Features

  • Scheduling Button Improvements

    • We have added the option to configure the text link when adding a scheduling button in Greetings.

    • To learn more about Greetings, see here.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue for Organization Managers where they weren’t able to select a user in e-Rooms Configuration. When they select a user, the meeting room list will now be updated correctly.

  • Resolved an issue for Firefox users where they were having issues with call recording. Call recordings now work as expected on Firefox browsers.

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