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How to Set Up Multi-Line Buttons

Multi-Line Button:

  • Expands into multiple options like departments, people etc. to choose from.

  • Each option can either be a User or a Team that calls multiple people.

  • Each option expands to allow the caller to choose video, audio, or chat.

Multi-Line Buttons don’t take up a seat in your organization.

Multi-Line Button Setup:

  • Navigate to Organization Settings > Set Up > Multi-Line Button.

  • Click on +Create Multi Line.

  • Enter a name and an address for your button.

  • Select the Users or Teams you wish to display in the button. Click Save.


  • To get the button’s embed code click <>.

  • Click on the pencil icon to configure your button’s style.

  • Click on the connecting dots icon to edit the Users and Teams that will be displayed in the button.

  • Click on the cancel icon to revoke the button.

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