• On the side menu, navigate to Settings > e-Line Configuration.

  • Button configuration includes a set of options for you to determine how you would like your user's buttons to function.

  • If you don’t wish to receive calls while you are in another call, then you can enable Allow one call at a time.

  • If you would like to use 11Sight only for texting, you can do so by selecting “Only Support Chat Calls“.

  • We display an option to your callers to leave you a message in case you were not available. You can disable it by unchecking “Disable Leave a Message Option When Video Is Not Available“.

  • You can set a Virtual Background for your video calls by selecting an option under Select vCall display Background.


  • You can enable the HubSpot integration to log calls and access contact information from within the call. Learn more about how to use it here.

  • You can Integrate Webex or Disconnect the Webex integration.

In-Call Functionality

  • You can disable some of our in-call functions in the “In-Call Functionality” section.

  • You can set up Call Instructions that will only be visible to you in the call’s chat.

  • You can choose an option to record all calls through your e-line under Automatic Call Recording section. To learn more about call recordings click here.


We provide three forms for you to utilize before and after your calls.

  • Contact Information Form: This form is displayed to your callers before a call to have them enter their contact information like their name, email address, phone number etc. so that you can contact them back later.

  • Call Review Form: This form is displayed to you after a call, allowing you to take notes about the call.

  • Call Satisfaction Survey: This form is displayed to your callers after a call, allowing them to evaluate the service they received.

    These forms can be edited in a JSON format. Click here to get help with the format.