Step 1

  • On the side menu, navigate to Settings > e-Line Settings > e-Line Configuration.

  • Button configuration includes a set of options for you to determine how you would like your user's buttons to function.

Step 2

  • By default your account is set to receive the incoming calls on your browser, as long as you keep your 11Sight dashboard open in a tab. You can disable it by unchecking “Receive calls on browser“. You can also follow the link on the page to download our Google Chrome extension to receive system notifications for your incoming calls.

    You can choose an option to record all calls through your e-line under Record Calls section. To learn more about call recordings click here.

    If you would like to use 11Sight only for texting, you can do so by selecting “Chat Only Call“.

    We display an option to your callers to leave you a message in case you were not available. You can disable it by unchecking “Hide Leave Message“.

    You can disable some of our in-call functions in the “Allowed Call Actions” section.

Step 3

  • We provide three forms for you to utilize before and after your calls.

  • Contact Information Form: This form is displayed to your callers before a call to have them enter their contact information like their name, email address, phone number etc. so that you can contact them back later.

    Call Review Form: This form is displayed to you after a call, allowing you to take notes about the call.

    Call Satisfaction Survey: This form is displayed to your callers after a call, allowing them to evaluate the service they received.

    These forms can be edited in a JSON format. Click here to get help with the format.