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Release Notes from January 6, 2023

Organization Manager Features

Organization Manager Features

  • Improvements to Multi-Line Buttons page

    • We have made the icons under Actions more accessible.

    • We made editing the Multi-Line Button easier and more responsive.

  • Settings Improvements

    • Organization owner or managers will have themselves selected in the Select User dropdown by default.

    • We hope to improve the ease of use and decrease confusion with this improvement.

User Features

User Features

  • Virtual Background for e-Lines

    • Users and managers can now set virtual backgrounds for e-lines.

    • Virtual background can be set from a user or team’s e-Line Configurations.

    • To learn more about Virtual Backgrounds, please see here.

  • Improvements to Call Details

    • Chat History now displays the profile picture of the participants.

  • Improvements to e-Line and e-Room Configurations

    • If an item is Enforced by the organization manager under Org-Level Settings, that item will now be greyed out in e-Line and e-Room Configurations.

    • Users won’t be able to edit an item that is greyed out.

  • Improvements to Incoming Call Ringer

    • Incoming call ringer will now display additional information.

    • If the call was escalated to you, the ringer will display Escalated From

    • You will see the complete Form Information

Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue for users where their e-Line Configurations would automatically be updated after a release with their organization’s default settings.

  • Resolved an issue for iOS application users where changing their password would cause glitches on their next login.

  • Resolved an issue for users, where changing the tracker while editing a button style would display the wrong UI.

  • Resolved an issue in e-line video calls, where ending a screen-share would result in lost audio in the call recordings.

  • Resolved an issue for organization managers, where teams would show up in the Users page.

  • Resolved a minor UI bug on the Availability page.

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