Step 1

  • On the side menu, navigate to Organization Management > Org-Level Settings > Integrations.

  • If you have HubSpot Integrations included in your plan, you will see the HubSpot section at the top of the page.

Step 2

  • On HubSpot navigate to the Settings and Integrations > Private Apps under Account Setup on the left menu.

  • Click on create private app.

Step 3

  • Provide a name for your app. An example name could be “11Sight Integration”.

  • Click on Scopes at the top of the page.

Step 4

  • Under CRM allow read and write permissions for the following:

    • crm.lists

    • crm.objects.companies

    • crm.objects.contacts


    • crm.objects.owners

    • crm.schemas.contacts

  • Click on Create App on the top right corner.

Step 5

  • You will now see a confirmation message. Click on Continue creating.

Step 6

  • You will see a token generated after you have finished creating your private app.

  • Click on Show token and Copy

Step 7

  • Now paste the token to the HubSpot Token section on the 11Sight Integrations page.

  • Hit save and you are good to go.

For more information on how to use the HubSpot Integration, see here.