Direct Line

  • Calls a single user.

  • Can be a button on a web page, a simple URL, or QR code.

  • Button can expand for caller to choose video, audio, or chat.

  • You can forward a direct line to another direct line.

  • When a new user is added, a direct line is automatically created for them.

Forwarding Line

  • Calls multiple direct lines at the same time.

  • Looks like a direct line button to the end user.

  • Can expand to allow a caller to choose video, audio, or chat.

  • A forwarding line can be forwarded to multiple direct lines.

  • To learn how to configure forwards click here.

Super Button

  • Expands into multiple options like departments, people etc. to choose from.

  • Each option can either be a direct line or a forwarding line that calls multiple people.

  • Each option expands to allow the caller to choose video, audio, or chat.

  • To learn how to create one click here.

Message Line

  • A direct line which is always “unavailable”, – i.e. it is never answered.

  • Does not call anybody.

  • Callers see a pre-recorded video and/or text message.

  • Can be used for advertisements, custom messages.