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Release notes from June 6, 2023

User Features

User Features

  • Schedule a Meeting within the call

    • We have added a new call card called "Schedule a Meeting." Call cards are useful integrations users can engage with within the call.

    • This new call card enables the user to schedule a meeting without leaving the call.

  • Add multiple calendars to the new call card

    • We have added an icon to allow users to add multiple calendars under the e-line configurations page.

    • Users can add multiple calendars by following these steps: Settings > E-line configurations > Integrations > Add calendar

Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue for users who were unable to skip the "Connect" button in the waiting room during a text call.

  • Resolved an issue for users who were experiencing payment problems.

  • Implemented minor bug fixes to redirect links for unused pages.

  • Resolved an issue for users where the validation alert message for editing a profile picture was not displaying correctly.

  • Resolved minor bugs related to form submissions.

  • Resolved an issue where users were not receiving correct data when changing filters.

  • Resolved an issue where incorrect text was displayed for calls originated from the team line page.

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