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Release from August 17 th ,2023

Organization Manager Features

Organization Manager Features

  • New filtering method

    • We are introducing a new filter named 'e-rooms' that will showcase audited rooms. All audited e-rooms will be visible in the history. Additionally, the auditor's notes will be included in the history as well. In cases where multiple individuals have audited the room, selecting the audited user will unveil their notes within the history, thereby creating a dynamic history page contingent on the number of auditors present in the e-room.

  • Meetings

    • The addition of a "Meetings" button to the Dashboard is a notable update. Clicking on this button will reveal two submenu items: "Ongoing Meetings" and "Upcoming Meetings."

    • "Upcoming Meetings" has been meticulously designed to enable seamless meeting scheduling, aligning with the Figma design specifications.

    • As for "Ongoing Meetings," this section is under the control of Organization Managers/Owners or Auditors. The Auditor role can be assigned to organization users through the users page. When accessing the 'Ongoing Meetings' page, users will find the following fields:

      • Room Name

      • Date-Time

      • Participants

      • Actions

Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue for users where they weren't able to save and edit CNAMEs after redesigning the integrations page.

  • Resolved an issue for users who weren't able to use HubSpot integrations.

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