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Release Notes from December 16, 2022

New and Enhanced Features

Organization Manager Features

  • Users and Teams Page Improvements

    • We have added information about your organization’s remaining seat count.

    • Seats can be used to create either Users or Teams. Multi-line buttons do not use up seats.

  • Exporting Call History

    • Organization Managers can now export the call history of any user in their organization.

    • To export the list of calls navigate to Reporting > User History. Select a user and click Export.

    • You will receive a csv file with all the calls and meetings the user was a participant in.

User Features

  • Chat Improvements

    • We have made improvements to the new message indicator to improve user experience.

    • Users can now see a divider where the new messages begin.

  • Call Details Improvements

    • Escalated calls will now appear in the call details as “Escalated to:”

    • Users and Organization Managers will now be able to see forwarded and escalated user and team details separately.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue where creating a new user with the “Organization Manager” role would instead create them with the “User” role. Organization Managers can now create new users with the “Organization Manager” role as expected.

  • Resolved an issue where users were being created with the wrong default language.

  • Resolved an issue where 11Sight users were able to open meeting rooms even after they logged out of their account.

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