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How to Troubleshoot Permissions on Android

Step 1

  • When you first download and open 11Sight on your Android device you will see alerts requesting access to your camera, microphone and photos.

Step 2

  • If you click deny you will see photos access alert the next time you login. When you start a new call, you will see alerts asking for access to your camera and microphone. You can click allow or manage these permissions at any time in your Android settings.

Step 3

  • To access settings simply go to Apps, Application Manager and then select 11Sight.

On Chrome

  • When making a call in your Chrome browser on your Android device make sure to allow 11Sight to access the camera and the microphone.

Step 2

  • To manage your 11Sight permissions simply go to Chrome’s Settings menu, Site Settings and then select

Step 3

  • To make sure Chrome has the necessary permissions, simply go to Settings on your device and then go to Apps – Application Manager. Select Chrome and make sure it has permission to access camera, microphone and storage as well as the notifications.

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